Staff Training Programme

We are proud of our trained staff and our unrivalled personal assistant

training programme providing assurance to your loved ones that they will receive the highest quality care and assistance.


Before providing any care or assistance to people in the community all staff must complete our new employee programme,  which alongside on-going training and development, ensures high quality performing staff.

Teacher Helping Student
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Initial Interview & DBS Check

Before being accepted on our Training programme all staff must attend a job interview to make sure that all staff share the same core values as we do being caring, professional and show empathy.

Following successful interview all staff must have a DBS check, carried out to check if applicants have any criminal convictions which does not allow them to work with vulnerable people in the community, providing piece of mind.

Care certificate & induction

Staff are provided with key training to meet the Care Certificate within our training suite at our offices.  The Care Certificate provides staff with training on the 15 fundamental standards to allow them to provide care and assistance to people in the community.  These include working in a person centred way, health and safety, privacy and dignity and safeguarding.

This training is provided in a variety of ways with lots of practical training using our training room house mock up using equipment such as bed and  hoists.  This is provided by in house and external trainers.

Home Nurse Making Bed

Staff development

Holding Hands

Once staff have completed all of the Care Certificate Standards,  staff then visit clients in their own homes, shadowing with an experienced carer to complete their training and assist with practical experience.

Carers then undertake a continuous program of training, development and supervision to ensure training is up to date and we help staff to undertake the highest quality of care.

Staff are supported to complete their NVQ 2 and further their education and skills.