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Help around the home

We can provide a wide range of services if you just need a little support to maintain your independence at home.  This could be for a ad-hoc short visit or longer, more regular calls during a week.  We can tailor our support to whatever you need to help you remain in control of your life.

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Domestic Support


You may just need a little help around the house with day to day tasks.

Struggle to put the wheelie bin out, need some assistance with doing your washing or preparing a meal?  We can help with all of these and more.  You may need help for 30 minutes or several hours a day, we are here for you.


Assistance with Shopping


You may struggle to get out and about as easily as you used to, and need to someone to push the trolley or reach to those high shelves.

We can accompany you or visit the shops for you and make sure you are fully stocked with all your favourite foods.

if you don't feel up to going out, then we can help compile a list and collect your groceries for you.  We can also run any errands on your behalf. 



You may need a little help keeping on top of the day to day cleaning, or need someone to come in once a week to do your laundry.

We can help and tailor the support to your needs.

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